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Senior Engineer, Platform



United States
Posted on Tuesday, July 2, 2024
Who we are
Here at Scoop, we recognize that it’s the people that make a trip to the office worth it. That’s why since 2015 we’ve been focused on building solutions that remove the hurdles of bringing people together, so teams can focus on the work to be done, not where it happens.
We believe that the future of work is hybrid, and we embody that within our own culture. Our team is spread throughout the country and is a mix of passionate, resilient, product-obsessed builders excited to enable the next generation of flexibility for hybrid employees.
What we build
We're building the software to empower the modern hybrid employee to make the best decisions with their flexibility. By increasing visibility into co-workers' work plans and helping employees optimize how and where they get their work done, Scoop enables everyone to get the most out of hybrid work.
The core of Scoop's product is Scoop for Slack, which includes a powerful mix of functionality to help hybrid employees plan their hybrid work weeks more efficiently and effectively. With additional applications and functionality on iOS, Android, and browser extensions, Scoop works wherever hybrid employees do and integrates deeply with Google Calendar.
Our Engineering team
We’re proud to be an experienced, multi-faceted team that is energized to be building the technology that will power the next generation of work. With an emphasis on learning and humility, our Engineering team embraces the idea that engineering is not a lone discipline, partnering closely with the Product and UX teams to understand our users and their needs. Our collaboration enables us to shape the products we build and make effective decisions around trade-offs along the way.
We’re just as passionate about helping our teammates grow and learn as we are about shipping great products and building strong underlying technology. You will be quick to find a team member that is willing to partner code, review, and plan your work together. Our team and processes are built around helping each individual to learn, deliver value, and be successful.

In this role, you will:

  • Work with the entire engineering organization on building the platform that spans the entire tech stack, our infrastructure systems, and tools
  • Apply grit and inventiveness, both in writing new software and deploying open-source tools like Kubernetes, Backstage, Argo, and Prometheus
  • Continually evolve and refine build, test, and deployment pipelines
  • Discover opportunities to drive efficiencies in our hardware and software platforms as well as improving or automating manual processes
  • Support the ongoing development of high quality backend web services using Node.js, TypeScript, and PostgreSQL
  • Own monitoring, logging, and alerting. Evaluate our existing solutions, looking for areas to expand and scale to make us even better.
  • Identify critical metrics to monitor and alert on to surface actual user issues

You should:

  • Know the power (and pain points) of cloud providers like AWS
  • Have participated in shipping software in a service-oriented architecture
  • Be proficient with Infrastructure as Code, e.g Terraform / Serverless / Ansible / Puppet
  • Have an Ops-centric approach to everything you build, ensuring availability, performance, and security are core components
  • Have experience with API development and Cloud based application engineering
  • Have experience operating with managing container platforms like Docker deployments in a multi-service environment, e.g. Kubernetes, Mesos, ECS etc.
  • Important note: as long as you have the experience/abilities, we don’t care how you got there! This may look like 5+ years in industry, a computer science or other relevant advanced degree, impressive personal projects/accomplishments, or any other meaningful experience!

You might:

  • Have experience building applications for Slack, integrating with Google Calendar, or building AI-enabled product solutions
  • Have experience with modern JavaScript frameworks (and Typescript) and/or Go
  • Experience in modern observability tools, such as Grafana, Prometheus, SumoLogic, Splunk, Datadog
  • Experience architecting and building application performance management systems
  • Understanding how to monitor environments like AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, etc. using tools like Elasticsearch, Lucene, Prometheus, etc.
  • Experience with logging, tracing, analytics, search, metrics
  • Able to inspire other people to work with you, enjoy mentoring and coaching other engineers
A note about diversity and inclusion
If you've gotten this far reading our job posting and aren't sure whether you are a fully qualified fit for a role, we strongly encourage you to go ahead and apply or reach out to us. A bulleted list that you're supposed to use to self-qualify is admittedly a bit rigid. We know that,and we know that a resume or profile is only one dimension of who you are and what you're capable of.
At Scoop, we're excited to learn about and embrace all types of educational journeys, backgrounds, and personalities. It's what enables us to continue pursuing a genuine mixture of genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, nationalities, and social styles. Like most of tech, we continue to have work to do in this arena, but we're committed to investing building our diverse team and reflecting on the inclusiveness we strive to maintain and embody in our collaboration and communication each day.